The 'Insights' provide you with a view of the difference we have made, as well as continue to offer our clients. Of importance to you, we outline the impact of our services to our client's businesses in fostering improved performance and growth.

Service offered: Public Relations
The power crisis resolve and the need to maximize energy savings required we equip Eskom Demand Management Projects with crucial tools and initiative that would increase awareness and behaviour change rapidly across all projects.

Our Public Relations and media made contributions to achieving a significant reduction (estimated 100 MW) in electricity demand across the country. We implemented twenty-four demand management projects in conjunction with crucial energy services companies to the value calculated at R5 billion over five years.

Service offered: Public Relations
The creative launch and media coverage of the Arrive Alive road safety campaign required a specialist team of strategic and engaging minds to position the start in maximizing the media exposure. We had a project team that specialized in coordinating with multiple stakeholders of different nature in realizing the client's needs.

Service offered: Public relations
Glock Management hosted the launch of the Gautrain Project (R60 billion) the Construction and Strategic activities in positioning the development of the project through the course of implementation. These activities and events engaged key stakeholders and media in creating awareness, understanding, and continued support for the project and its aims.
We further hosted the launch of partnership organizations (Isithimela) within the concessions team as part of the legacy building of the project.

Service offered: Deal Facilitating and Business Consulting.
The client is a recently established property development and management firm. Their primary focus is to acquire commercial land deals in emerging centers that comply with their retail tenant’s interest and wish list. The benefit of our service to them is the acquisition of a positive deal order book of R1,6 billion in eight months. The impact of our deal facilitation optimized the deal flow using our strategic inventory as well as an experienced acumen in emerging community opportunities and development.

Service offered: Public Relations
The client has recently established its mining operations in the South African and African market. As a subsidiary of the largest gold producer in the world, Barrick Gold, ABG required we define its brand in positioning them on the London, New York, and Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange.

Further, we hosted crucial many PR events both internally and externally in managing the staff experiences and levels of morale

Service offered: Public Relations
GCIS required a stakeholder awareness engagement with all public works government tenants using their buildings efficiently from an energy perspective. This initiative involved a media, and on the ground, stakeholder campaign equipped to change the attitude of occupants in using energy efficiently. We did the oversight of the training and auditing processes.

Service offered: Public Oversight
The need and exploration of opportunities to reduce energy cost prompted a project definition in establishing the expectations with the operation — we were called upon to explore the possibilities for reducing energy demands with efficient and retrofit technologies. The solution required a continuous remote monitoring system that assists the mine to attend to and receive data in expediting savings.

Service offered: Business Performance Consulting
The lack of staff oversight and administration in the business has impacted its bottom-line performance. We engaged with all staff and owners in resolving the matter that had hindered performance in the company previously. We further remodelled and renovated the business to support the further growth of the company where instituted.

We further continued technical and utility oversight in integrating solutions proposed to full effectiveness.

Service offered: Project Oversight and Business Consulting
The highly successful business continued with internal matters that required orientation and planning in reducing costs as well as improving the delivery of their projects.
Our solution applied a full audit of performance and administration and implemented solutions for consideration. The turn-around removed incompetent staff as well as reduced the high-level expenditure to delivering the cost. We continue to oversight their projects in maintaining high levels of delivery to the business.

Service offered: Project Oversight
The business embarked on an investment development without the capacity to oversight the project in maintaining scope, time, cost, and value. The specialist skills brought to the project helped review the development processes and further improve the value through renegotiation on behalf of the client.

We continue to facilitate similar projects, including deal facilitation and business consulting.

Service offered: Project Oversight
The building innovation embarked by both clients required oversight of essential matters for delivery, namely stakeholder and local authority prerequisites. Managing the mutual interest on this project required an oversight service as well as strategic consultant skill in maintaining a high standard of the project. The project is worth R40 million.