Full Service Management Full-Service Management is the provision of an expert as well as specialist management skills and capacity to the core areas of any proposed brief.

Deal Facilitation

Deal facilitation aims to establish mutually profitable gains for all parties, within a deal structure, transparently, and ethically. We accept and manage deal flows that are ready for market engagement. We further entertain dealing with people and organizations that can show proof of financial capacity via their principals, decision-makers, or signatories. We facilitate a diverse deal market from the property, retail, energy, development, international trade, etc. Our primary focus points in promoting deals are as follows:

- Principle advisory or coaching of deal flows.
- We review deal cost holistically, (carry, commission, legal, logistics, taxes, and currency risks)
- Planning, sourcing, developing and managing a network of deal flow
- Modelling of deal frameworks for mutual benefit
- Provision of deal services and professionals (Attorneys, Accountants, Notaries, etc.) geared to oversight and conclude deals of various economic capacity
- Acting on behalf of or directly with the principles or their mandate.
- Ethical practices at all times

Business Performance Consulting

We review a business holistically to transform performance surgically. The tipping point in business performance is transformation. Transformation is preparing for, as opposed to reacting to, changes in the market. Our specialists have recognised champions in transformative business change. The significant areas of transformation change are as follows:

- Review of the current and future business state
- Analysis of the mindset in the business
- The team makeup and orientation towards sustainable performance
- Re-engineering processes to enabling transformative changes
- Integrate digital and technology solutions in proactively addressing the changing market demands
- Uncomplicated and effectively engage the market through continuous dialogue
- We carefully measure and monitor the performance and administration of the business, and it functions

Project Oversight and Management

We assure clients of quality project management and delivery. We further oversight to reduce project risk and improve outcomes. Project oversight also plays an improvement role in implementing lessons learned on similar projects and markets. These are the primary focus areas of monitoring.”

- Project design, initiation, planning, execution, performance, and closure
- Integrated use of time, budget, scope and value
- Risk, Safety, Health, and Environment
- Project delivery framework (process and procedures)
- Supply chain management enabling performance.
- The resource management protocols
- Crisis management delivery shortfall
- High-risk scenarios management
- We ensure value throughout the project cycle.

Public Relations

Glock works with any organization, company, government, or individual to cultivate a story that portrays that client’s reputation, ideas, products, position. Project, or accomplishment in a positive light. We use the following resources in achieving this:

- Management and engagement of all community, business, and government stakeholders
- Communications and Media Management
- Social and Online Media
- Brand Design and Development
- Art and Creative direction and application
- Strategic Event Management Specialist (15 years)
- We champion integrating projects into emerging communities
- Publicists: We market and protect your reputation for continuous growth