About Us

We exist to sustainably prosper your business through extremely disruptive and uncertain times.

The company was founded by change champion, Shaun Stephen, in 2003.

Since inception, Shaun has witnessed many great businesses over the last two decades, take on challenges of disruption and change that get in the way of  growth.  This sometimes to their detriment. Business development expertise have proven to be a limited expert skill in these uncertain and unstable period of business.

The team has perfected and fully understands the trending disruptive market demands over two decades of continuous change.  This is undoubtedly a team of business development experts using industry research and experience in deploying innovative business development solutions and strategies effectively.

How we add value

We’re experienced

We protect our client’s interests by combining disruptive innovations with external changes.

We’re value-oriented

Our work is based on two core values: professionalism and diligence. When taking on a new project, your needs are our priority. This means achieving goals on time, and completing tasks in an ethically-responsible manner.

We’re specialised

We have the advantage of using a unique set of research tools and innovation models. This, alongside our specialised insights, strategy formulation and business development, means we’re able to unlock your full business potential. Every project is completed with innovation, talent in management, sourcing and implementation capabilities.

We have a successful record

In almost two decades, our clients range from private, high net worth individuals through to medium and large business entities. We serviced clients, with a variety of business development challenges, contributing to our business development inventory. We now innovatively manage the challenges presented by a disruptive and continuously challenge environment.

Here’s a look at some of our previously successful projects:

Looking for a Business Consulting Experts?

At Glock Management Services, your success is our purpose. And that’s why we’re the best choice.