Business Development (BD)- Planning and Innovation

The effects of not planning are chaos however looking at some businesses you would disagree on the basis that you know what is happening or going on. This is the general perspective of all businesses when they are ‘busy at busy’’.  Question: ‘Is all efforts in line with the business development plan or is it just things you have to get done for sales?

BD Planning refers to the review and alignment of the product/services ensuring all technical, financial, business development, contracts and implementation frameworks are satisfying the qualified clients of interest. This is an important investment in high stakes deal-making. Marketing and sales however focus on a more standard offering to a mass market in encouraging scale of demand. It is generally challenged when scale outstrips cash flow and capacity leaving delivery at high risk. BD planning and innovation prepares for these situations with proactive elements ensuring the financial and contractual agreements with high stake opportunities cater for the proposed threat of demand on the business.

BD Innovations is using both tactical approaches with technology to enhance the BD efforts of turning educated and qualified opportunities into sustainable high stakes clients. Innovations in client experience using AI and Virtual Reality as well as scaling referrals using disruptive tactics are key aspects in the BD innovation.  BD Innovations is at the core of proactive strategic elements (new and ongoing).

Small and medium-sized businesses fundamentally focus efforts on marketing and sales however one would question how sustainable these efforts are turning qualified opportunities into clients. Large and Corporate business champion BD planning that provides a realistic and practical approach to penetrating and developing qualified high stakes clients as opposed to marketing and sales. They maximising effectiveness and efficiency in BD efforts by improving the user experience as well as disrupting ease-of-access to the products and services applying innovations.


Figure 1: BD Planning and Innovation Pathways

Figure 1 illustrates the realistic success of acquiring qualified opportunities of interest. The Business Development pathway to planning and innovation provide clarity of the quality of success you will achieve.

BD Planning and Innovation is now the cornerstone to adapting to a constantly changing marketplace. Acquiring a specialist service in manoeuvring this landscape, will position your efforts to be more realistic in achieving success and sustainability.

Engaging your current network must qualify your opportunities as the primary discipline to achieving progress in a disruptive as well as continuously changing marketplace. Make the effort to be more strategic as well as innovative in your efforts.


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