Digital Marketing Associate

Course Outline

•A Brief History of Digital Marketing
•Corporate Strategy Overview
•Aspects of Sales and Marketing
•Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy
•Marketing Strategy Overview
•Digital Marketing Overview

Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing (DM) Channels
•Understand Available DM Channels
•Evaluate DM Channels

Plan and Develop DM Channels
•Plan and Develop Website Channel
•Plan and Develop Mobile Channel
•Plan and Develop Social Media Channel

Optimize Website
•Optimize Website for Reach
•Optimize Website for Relationship
•Optimize Website for Reputation

Optimize Mobile/Tablet/Devices
•Optimize Mobile Site and App for Reach
•Optimize Mobile Site and App for Relationship
•Optimize Mobile Site and App for Reputation

Optimize Social Media
•Optimize Social Media for Reach
•Optimize Social Media for Relationship
•Optimize Social Media for Reputation

Other Important Elements of DM Channels
•E-mail Marketing
•Web Analytics
•Search Marketing
•Popular Social Media Platforms
•Affiliate Marketing
•Search Engine Optimization

The theory sections mentioned here
will be aided by case studies, exercises
and simulations for practical/experiential learning.
Course Outline
Digital Marketing Associate Level Certification